50pcs 4-PLY Earloop Disposable Katoji Care Face Masks

50pcs 4-PLY Earloop Disposable Katoji Care Face Masks

50pcs thick 4-ply Disposable Ear-loop Certified Virus/ Dust Protection Medical Katoji Care Face Mask can help decrease the transmission of flu and bacteria, particularly important during the time of medical outbreak to keep your friends and family members safe.
Made of High quality fibres, Hypoallergenic, Fluid Resistant, Fibreglass free, Latex free, Non-woven fibre fabric with Filter layer for high bacteria filtration.
These face masks are soft, great comfort and breathable. More flexible to wear with adjustable nose strap and elastic ear loop.
These face masks are Certified Approved by CE- Uk, ISO standards and TGA Australia to imported.
Comes in 5 separate packs (10pcs each)- total 50pcs for your convenience to carry everywhere with you- in bag, in a car... but still hygienic.

Wear it with the Blue colored side facing out/ white side facing in.

Ensure it covers your nose and mouth fully.

Loop the ear straps over your ears.

Use fingers to adjust and press the metal nose strap down to fit your nose.

  • Medical masks do not prevent infection completely.
  • Medical masks do not prevent industrial dust and gas.
  • Adjust the thin metal wire nose strap along the upper edge gently against the bridge of your nose so that the mask fits on your face to prevent dust and droplets of blood pr body fluid.
  • If you have any skin problems, see your doctor for advices.
  • For single use only.

Our staff wears protective gear including gloves when handling these masks and will sanitize the box before sending it off. We will make sure good conditions of the box and masks packaging and sealed box before sending it off to ship

We wrap extra bubble wrap outside of the mask box to prevent less damage of the box due to shipping/transit it but we no guarantee for 100% good conditions of the box due to shipping/transit damaged.



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  • Return Policy

    Please ONLY purchase these masks if you agree to our handling method as NO RETURNS will be accepted for this product due to hygienic reasons. 

    'Whilst we pack this item as securely as possible, they can occasionally break in transit.  If this unfortunately happens, we can offer a partial refund only for reasonable damaged masks and will not be in a position to post out individual replacement items."